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Project Frog

Flex Building Program

Flexible and Predictable Construction

Flex is the ideal solution for healthcare, schools, and owners in other industries who wish to get up and running quickly.

Project Frog's standard kit-of-parts is a collection of pre-designed, pre-engineered, and prefabricated building components that can come together in numerous ways to create your ideal structure. The organization of individual parts and materials into assemblies offers flexibility for mass customization and mass production. Components are sized appropriately for optimized manufacturing, convenient handling, transport, and installation. 

Flex for Education

Respond to Increasing Change

Gain flexibility to quickly adapt to possible economic and health disruptions, population growth, and technology advancements. Expandable facilities can be repurposed over time without sacrificing usability, quality, or performance.

High-Performing and Sustainable

Achieve and exceed LEED and CHPS performance standards and save over the lifecycle of the building with a 40-50% reduction in energy costs.

Pre-check certified indicates that the building's design is approved before submittal for certain school campus projects. Division of the State Architect (DSA) of California's pre-check approval significantly reduces the time required to complete building site reviews.​

Buildings that Teach

Open in Time for Class

Design and build up to 5 times faster than traditional school facilities with pre-engineered and pre-approved architectural plans and just-in-time assembly.

An interactive web-based performance dashboard tracks the building’s energy performance and allows students to analyze how their actions impact natural and energy resources. And, each facility comes with a tailored User Guide and curriculum with suggestions for incorporating building elements and performance into daily lesson plans

El Sol - Project Frog

“El Sol selected Project Frog because they provided an innovative approach to high-quality, green school buildings fast and on budget.”​


Monique Davis

Executive Director​


Flex for Healthcare

Promote Health and Wellness

Ample daylight, fresh air, and views to the outside increase satisfaction, shorten healing time, and put visitors at ease. In addition to clear health benefits, building design should inspire, encourage collaboration, and be adaptable to changing technologies. Construct smart, flexible spaces that accommodate a range of health and wellness needs while easily separating patient, visitor and staff areas.

Complement Existing Facilities

Easily clad exteriors to fit the surrounding design vocabulary of the campus while providing an engaging suite of indoor and outdoor spaces for new programs that bring mind, body, and soul into balance.

Lower Lifecycle Costs

Leverage sustainable and efficient design for 40% to 50% less energy use than traditional buildings. Reduce lifecycle costs and increase funds available to support staff and patient needs. Significantly shorter construction time also means doors can open within 6-8 months to start accomodating patients sooner.

Flexible Care Options

Adaptable mechanical systems and flexible design envelopes let you customize a variety of primary and ambulatory care conditions, codes, and senior living scenarios.

“From the bright, open exam and procedure rooms to the intuitive design allowing easy navigation, every detail promotes a ​total health environment for our patients.“​

Mary Ann Barnes

Hawaii Region President

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