Industrialized Construction Planning and Consulting

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Industrialized Construction Planning and Consulting

Investing in consulting services is the best way to gain access to necessary expertise and ensure a smooth implementation and adoption. Businesses get distracted by day-to-day activities and may lack the bandwidth to launch new initiatives effectively. Project Frog consultants focus on one thing, your success! There’s no learning curve for Project Frog consultants; they know industrialized construction inside and out. You gain the advantage of their knowledge to get results faster!

Design and Development

Project Frog's staff of Architects and Engineers can help you:

1. Customize a pre-designed building.


2. Design your ideal prefab building.

3. Reverse engineer your existing buildings to improve the scalability of your expansion plans. 

4. Build your new kit-of-parts building platform from scratch. 


Project Delivery Alternatives

Registered in multiple states, Project Frog offers design and engineering services and can work with you and your team as the Architect or Structural Engineer of Record. Project Frog consultants have extensive experience in design-build, design-bid-build, and lease-leaseback to offer you alternatives and flexibility with your project delivery system.


Distribution and Supply Chain Management

Optimize supply chain management and avoid costly bottlenecks. Project Frog's supply chain team works with a vast network of suppliers to source your components and get you the best pricing, and onsite supports ensures proper installation.

Access constantly expanding supply chain network.

Promote the success of your community and save on shipping through regionally sourced materials. 

Enjoy preferential pricing and avoid production bottlenecks.

Optimized shipping practices offer cost-savings while helping the environment.

Project Frog's partnerships ensure you have the most innovative designs.

On-site support keeps the job moving and ensures proper installation. 

Process Implementation

One of the persistent barriers to IC's successful deployment is individual adoption.  

Process Implementation helps improve adoption and is inclusive of all stakeholders.  The core piece of the ICaaS solution, Process Implementation, is the perfect recipe for onboarding and effective change management. This educational process includes comprehensive plans and mentoring for anyone involved in your IC effort, including architects, engineers, builders, and construction managers.

Internal Workflow Optimization

External Workflow Optimization

Re-engineering & Re-evaluation of Old Designs

Training & Educational Resources

Support & Mentoring

Why You Should Consider Process Implementation

Process Implementation creates a smooth, positive workflow shift. Using this hands-on, step-by-step approach helps you fully deploy the new tools and technology, removing confusion and adoption lag time while increasing the probability of a positive outcome.

Process Implementation is a complete solution that communicates all stakeholder options during technology adoption.  

Owners & Developers

  • Influence decision-making timeline

  • Start with a comprehensive plan

  • Adjust definition and vocabulary of cost

  • Streamline bid process

  • Incorporate prefab effects into the critical path schedule

Architects & Engineers

  • Design for DfMA and on-site assembly

  • Liberate design through rules-based tools

  • Design with an awareness of logistics, supply chain, procurement, and impact on project cost and duration

  • Emphasize design and system conflict resolution


  • Cost BOMs vs drawing estimations

  • Source complex components from a supply chain vs raw material procurement

  • Work more effectively with trades from inherent process shifts

  • Succeed with optimized logistics

  • Enable clear and approachable bidding from early design team engagement


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