Your building system scaled to reach your market

Work with our Product Design team to develop your Kit-of-Parts platform

We design your physical Kit-of-Parts platform from scratch. Alternatively, we can reverse engineer an existing platform, optimizing it at every point for manufacturing and assembly. Our in-house supply chain team acts as your sourcing components leveraging deep experience, volume discounts, and an optimized SKU list to ensure your program’s success.


A Kit-of-Parts platform is designed to be a repeatable building platform. We apply our focus to developing, iterating, and refining a reusable component that can be mixed and matched to spec. This treatment of buildings as a product platform allows us to create an infinite variety of buildings. Each component is designed for manufacturing and ease of assembly on-site, known as DfMA.

Achieving productization of a building platform down to each individual fastener is only possible by optimizing for three core tenants:
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    Flexibility allows a kit-of-parts to address the largest market or user-base possible. Without flexibility, design choices are limited and cripple scalability. A well-designed kit-of-parts allows for millions (or billions) of possible design choices.

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    With automation embedded in the kit-of-parts metadata, every component fits within the rules or the logic system. For every unique possible design with a flexible system, there are endless numbers of downstream variations in production for engineering, documentation, manufacturing, and construction. 

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    A well-designed kit-of-parts is inherently rules-based, which can make it hard to work with. Using Configurators and other web-based tools, tightly coupled with downstream production processes, make working with the system easy for architects, engineers, manufacturers, and builders.

Work with our Supply Chain experts to stand-up your manufacturing and sourcing network

Our supply chain team are experts at sourcing materials and companies who perform custom needs manufacturing. We work closely with our clients to develop an optimized strategy that is iterative, adaptable and is always looking to deliver cost efficiencies. We develop comprehensive QA/QC programs to ensure components arrive ready for assembly and use. We put in the work upfront, but manage throughout the entire process, knowing that logistics and coordination ensure on-time deliveries, thus facilitating critical path.

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Multiple vendors to choose for  competitive pricing, and avoid bottle necking our production

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We are constantly expanding our supply chain network

We source materials and manufacturers closer to the jobsite, to save on shipping and help the local community when possible

Our vendor depth allows for competitive pricing and avoids production bottlenecking

We work with our manufacturers to innovate with our latest design or R&D projects

We work with manufacturers to optimize the way their material is stacked or loaded on the trucks to minimize the number of trucks which is cost-saving and helps the environment, as well

Our company representatives support each job, with personal on-site visits as requested to both the manufacturing facility (for QA/QC) and the jobsite to troubleshoot proper installation and provide technical support


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