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Custom Kit-of-Parts Building Platform

Choose your level of customization and design your building platform to open faster, improve quality and efficiency, stay on brand, and reduce community impact. The Project Frog Kit-of-Parts is a repeatable building platform used to quickly scale with a system and work building after building. 

A Flexible, Scalable, Repeatable Kit-of-Parts

Customize an entire building or take advantage of smaller repeatable installations like patient rooms, restrooms, hotel rooms, and more. Create endless possibilities for new buildings or work with the Project Frog team to reverse engineer existing buildings. Maintain your brand standards while meeting aggressive expansion and build schedules. 


Development, iteration, and refinement of reusable components can be mixed and matched to spec. Engineered from the ground up these custom platforms offer the flexibility and scalability to deliver multiple, uniquely configured, buildings. Each component is designed for manufacturing and ease of assembly on-site, known as DfMA. Alternately, repeatable building components can be incorporated into traditional construction processes.

One Kit of Parts, Endless Possibilities

Address your programmatic needs while achieving your desired building layout and look. Ideal for Food Services, Retail, Public Works, Education, Healthcare, and more, one system offers endless combinations.

One Kit-of-Parts


Unlimited Building

Featured Customers

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National Success

Project Frog's Kit of Parts building solutions are installed across the country, in all climates.


Are you ready to learn how a custom building platform approach works for you?