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KitConnect is a purpose-built desktop and web solution enabling:


  • Building design to building fabrication workflows.

  • Repeatable design in Architecture.

  • A structured exchange environment.

Building Design to Fabrication

What is KitConnect?

Building Design for Fabrication and Assembly

Structured Design

Structure the correct building information early in the design process to easily exchange data required by building product and component manufacturers.

Command & Control

Control and manage design rules and information from a central location and share easily across all projects during hand-off to manufacturing and construction.

Knowledge Sharing

Capture critical and valuable IP using repeatable, maintainable, and accessible systems to offer easy access to stakeholders of all experience levels.

Extend Design Capabilities

  • Manage Large Revit Projects

  • Configure and Reuse Design Elements

  • Facilitate Product to Project Workflows

KitConnect Structured Design

Benefits for the Entire Team

KitConnect optimizes the process from building design to building fabrication offering unique benefits to each member of the project team.

"KitConnect is exactly what we have been waiting for to effectively design and produce industrialized information in BIM. It will allow teams to take advantage of both repeating layouts, and modulated construction with its ability to handle elements in Revit as sets of parts for assembly rather than individual components.​"

Bridget White

Senior Architect, BIM Director

Nordic Office of Architecture