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is the SaaS AECO Design Management Solution for Repeatable Design Collections, Prototypes, and Modules.

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KitConnect enables BIM productization by offering a framework for repeatability, consistency, and scalability of building design.​​​

KitConnect Overview

KitConnect is ideal for project types that employ productized or repeatable approaches to building design, such as Data Centers, Multi-family Housing, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Industrial/Plant Design, Office Interiors, and Single-Family Development.

Maintain Quality

and brand consistency by developing kits specifically for your products, projects and design standards.

Improve Productivity

by creating repeatable layouts from existing projects to use on new projects. 



by creating, curating, and distributing traditional, prefab, or manufacturer content to design teams.

Although no project is identical, aspects exist in certain projects that can be reused, saving significant time, effort, and money. Built on a relational-component database, KitConnect is modeled after PDM/PLM solutions but purpose-built for AEC Workflows.

Next Level Design

Bringing assembly logic to BIM so Building Owners, Designers, and Product Creators can bridge the digital divide to accurately & efficiently share Product-to-Project design data.


MEP Kit.jpg

An arrangement of Revit elements that offer infinite levels of nesting to create hierarchical & relational design collections. 


Curated collections of components to enhance the organization in a multi-project or multi-discipline environment.


Projects are used to control distribution through various user roles offering various levels of access to specific kits and components within.



A true revision system allows you to manage the lifecycle state of your Components. 

lets you manage your Designs, not your content

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DMS, not CMS

As a Design Management Solution (DMS) KitConnect offers more effective lifecycle management of building product and repeatable design collections. 

Level up your BIM design workflows... Create, Curate, Distribute, Iterate 


KitConnect Components from Existing Revit Elements or Projects


Components into KitConnect Kits to Facilitate Design Reuse


Kits to Project Members to Protect Access to IP


Components and Kits for Continuous Improvement

Stakeholders Benefit from KitConnect

KitConnect's versatility allows organizations looking to scale their ability to design, develop, manage and distribute their productized building solutions to A&E design firms to achieve a scalable Product to Project workflow.

Owners & Developers

Standardize and control BIM data & content used by your design community.

Prefab &


Distribute productized BIM data to ensure the consistency of prefab or modular projects.



Streamline project design with industry-centric kits for quick and easy design reuse.

Builders &

General Contractors

Capture valuable construction insights and create reusable Kits-of-Parts for future projects.

Ideal for both traditional and industrialized construction projects, each stakeholder throughout the building project lifecycle realizes unique benefits. 

easy to learn & easy to use for the whole team

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