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KitConnect is a purpose-built desktop and web solution that promotes Building Product Awareness in design by providing a structured exchange environment from "Model to Manufacturing" to drive scalable building solutions. 


Bridget White
Senior Architect, BIM Director
Nordic Office of Architecture

KitConnect is exactly what we have been waiting for to effectively design and produce industrialized information in BIM. It will allow teams to take advantage of both repeating layouts, and modulated construction with its ability to handle elements in Revit as sets of parts for assembly rather than individual components.​

KitConnect Core Processes

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Structured Design

Structure the correct building information early in the design process to easily exchange data required by building product and component manufacturers.

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Features Supporting Structured Design

Parts, Assemblies & Modules

mapped to native Revit content

Automated Quantification 

of all placed content for easy BIM to BOM workflows

Configurable Modules  

with part-level constraints on native Revit objects to maintain 

Parts Optioning 

accessible via Revit or the KitConnect Web App for easy rules creation by all stakeholders

Automated Version Control 

for all published content in your Enterprise and Project Libraries

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Command & Control

Control and manage design rules and information from a central location and share easily across all projects.

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Features Supporting Command & Control

User Permissions 

control who can access, edit and update your modular content in Revit and the Web

Configuration Control 

on the rails module configuration in your Revit environment

Enterprise & Project Libraries  

share and track changes for your parts, assemblies and modules across all your projects from a central resource 

Automated Model Audits 

eliminate errors and deviations for your modular content in Revit

Revisioning & Version Control 

automatically track & coordinate changes to your building products across all of your projects

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Knowledge Capture
& Distribution

Capture critical and valuable IP using repeatable, maintainable, and accessible systems to offer easy access to stakeholders of all experience levels.

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Features Supporting Knowledge Capture & Distribution

Enterprise & Project Libraries

all your designs at your fingertips. Reduce remodeling and encourage company-wide Intellectual Property (IP) preservation and protection

Centralized Modelled Content + Rules 

set your manufacturable designs free with rules and logic attached to your content

Web to BIM Data Sharing 

a central location to view, modify or update your library as it connects across your BIM workload

Knowledge Capture With and Without KitConnect

Hypothesis Source: Cost Analysis of Inadequate Interoperability in the U.S. Capital Facilities Industry, NIST GCR 04-867

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