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Managing Large Revit Projects

The Challenge

  • Revit projects with high levels of detail and massive file sizes.

  • Unable to run multiple scenarios to identify the best design options.

  • Inability to ensure current content versions are in use.

  • Complex and burdensome quality assurance.  ​

Large BIM File

The KitConnect Solution

  • Manage reusable and predictable component libraries or Kit-of-Parts in the cloud.

  • Facilitate workflows and create a Kit-of-Parts that can be used anywhere.

  • Monitor design changes across the lifecycle of multiple projects.

  • Ensure design teams are always using the most current parts in their projects. 

  • Test multiple design iterations to ensure the best option is selected. 

  • Deploy a detailed parts list or schedule, developed very early in the design stage. 

Design Configuration and Reuse

KitConnect enables repeatability in building designs such as those with common spaces that are used multiple times throughout the model like patient or hotel rooms. Presets offer constraints or rules to ensure that design options are valid. 

Design Reuse

Product to Project Workflows

KitConnect simplifies BIM to fabrication by acting as an interface between architecture and manufacturing. KitConnects includes functionality that lets designers create a BIM product model with corresponding parts lists that enable manufacturers to efficiently prefabricate building components in a factory setting. 

KitConnect Product to Project Workflow

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