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KitConnect Benefits the Entire Team

BIM Managers

BIM Managers & BIM Leads

  • Unified Enterprise Library for repeated content distributed across multiple Revit projects.

  • Assign roles and user permissions to limit who can make changes to your organization’s standard content.

  • Simplify and EXPAND collaboration among teams working from multiple locations.

  • Use Dynamo KitConnect nodes to publish/place/edit/configure your content and more.

  • Fewer files to maintain.

Architecture & Designers

Architects & Designers

  • Lower your risk with re-usable standardized design content of previously approved components.

  • Configure modules to your exact needs while ensuring your content adheres to design standards.

  • Immediate contribution from new designers and consultants with your centralized content. Quicker onboarding to understand constraints or design standards.

  • Easily develop design standards and Kits-of-Parts as you go. Capture design knowledge as your project progresses. Capture your learnings in real time and distribute across future projects.

  • Apply user roles and permissions in your BIM context to prevent errant edits, modifications, or changes to your building design.



  • Connect and maintain analytical data with Duct/Pipe/Conduit while maintaining module groupings.

  • KitConnect allows increased and improved standardization. It ensures architects are using released or approved designs.

  • Use LOD(t) function to represent your large complex Revit components.

  • Allow deep dives into your content at any point, even early, using the Sync BOM function.

  • Enhanced collaboration methods with your project team (internal and or external team).

Builders & GCs

Builders & General Contractors

  • Promote design standardization and constructability with design teams. Fewer unknowns on the job site lowers your risk and increases efficiency.

  • Capture valuable learning during construction and manage them with a re-usable Kit-of-Parts on future projects.

  • You can add control and visibility into the components you are self-performing with.

  • Standardize repetitive items to reduce the cost and add margin to your projects.



  • Keep your Revit files Audited, so the data has integrity at all times. Ensure that what is modeled is buildable. Keep the model fidelity high and keeping everything on the rails.

  • Automatically handoff from Revit to a BOM, eliminating human takeoffs and errors.

  • Get a BOM early in the project cycle. Simplify planning and managing your inventory.

  • Provide early feedback to the design team to prevent downstream effects on the factory floor. Constantly improve your BIM content as new changes appear or are uncovered.

  • Using the KitConnect Audit capabilities, maintain a high-fidelity BIM mode that adheres to your DfMA intent.

Prefab Companies

Prefab Companies

  • Promote and support a scalable standardized set of prefab parts with a content library, which the parts can easily be used across multiple projects.

  • Drive the right information to the factory floor, reducing factory and field-related loopbacks due to design.

  • Distribute your prefab components to consultants or 3rd party companies without loss of rules, constraints, or organization design standards.

  • Share your building platform with your architects, and get back a manufacturable BIM model with configuration constraints directly in Revit.

  • Build complex configurators to automate your building modeling process.

Owners & Developers

Owners & Developers

  • Easy onboarding and better collaboration for your teams, architects, engineers, partners, and consultants. Hold on to the design intent and the brand with minimal hand-holding using your KitConnect Library and module configuration tools.

  • Accomplish a standardized brand identity without limiting local variations from planning to building and building materials.

  • Protect your Intellectual Property (IP) while working with multiple partners.

  • Track Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) issues, updates, and also changes to the design. Quickly push content changes through all the projects in progress.

  • With a single source of truth to drive a continuous improvement culture and continuously improve your Kit-of-Parts.

Vertically Integrated

Vertically Integrated

  • Continuous improvement and protection of your Intellectual Property (IP) grounded by your centralized content library. Any changes/issues always go back to the core content.

  • All the knowledge learned during a project can be captured and brought forward to the next projects.

  • Streamline data handoffs between product, project, manufacturing, and construction teams.

  • Reduce barriers to onboarding design firms with our prefab components with easy-to-use, configurable content right in Revit.

  • Audit your content at any point in the project and ensure high-quality products that result in less design-driven loopbacks from the factory floor. This capability also reduces the burden of QA/QC.

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