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offers unique benefits to multiple stakeholders throughout the project.

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KitConnect benefits the whole team

Architects, Engineers, and Designers

  • Lower the risk of errors with re-usable standardized design content of previously approved components.

  • Configure modules to exact needs while ensuring content adheres to design standards.

  • Gain immediate contribution from new designers and consultants with centralized content and quicker onboarding to understand constraints or design standards.

  • Enhance collaboration methods with the internal and external project teams.

  • Control access and editing rights to standard content with roles and user permissions.

  • Simplify and expand collaboration among teams working from multiple locations.

  • Save time managing fewer designs.


Builders and General Contractors

  • Promote design standardization and constructability with design teams.

  • Lower risk while increasing efficiency with fewer RFIs on the job site.

  • Capture valuable insights during construction and manage them with a reusable Kit-of-Parts on future projects.

  • Standardize repetitive items to reduce the cost and add margin to projects.


Manufacturers and Prefab Companies

  • Promote and support a scalable, standardized set of prefab parts with a cloud-based content library to prevent downstream issues on the factory floor. 

  • Maintain a high-fidelity BIM model that adheres to your DfMA intent.

  • Distribute prefab components to third-party consultants without losing rules, constraints, or organization design standards.

  • Build complex configurations to speed the building modeling process.

Learn more about Product to Project Workflows.


Owners and Developers

  • Quickly onboard and improve collaboration with architects, engineers, partners, and consultants. 

  • Secure the design intent and branding with customized libraries, known as kits.

  • Standardize brand identity without limiting local variations from planning to building and building materials.

  • Quickly push content changes through all the projects in progress and track furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) issues, updates, and design changes. 

  • Continuously improve and protect Intellectual Property (IP) grounded by a centralized content library. 

  • Capture all the knowledge learned during a project and leverage it for future projects.

KitConnect Logo

offers a robust selection of features to take your design to the next level

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