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KitConnect Features

Everything You Need to Scale Your Projects

Revit Content in the Cloud

Search and manage your Revit content in the cloud, accessible anywhere, by anyone you choose. Made specifically for the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industry

  • Limits access to your data to only those with permission.
  • Encourages collaboration and reduces isolated workflows and processes.
  • Reduces IT overhead for managing files and folders on network servers.

Project Libraries and Enterprise Libraries

All your parts, assemblies, modules, and designs at your fingertips. Reduce remodeling and encourage company-wide Intellectual Property (IP) preservation and protection.

  • Allows re-use of models across projects.
  • Improves consistency of repeatable designs.
  • Prevents duplication of designs by providing a single source of truth.
  • Enables stricter change management processes.

User Roles and Permissions

Prevent costly mistakes and reduce the number of design iterations between your entire project team and consultants.

  • Only those with the expertise and knowledge of the design can make detailed changes.
  • Those with limited knowledge of the design can spin off rule-based changes.
  • Promotes collaboration as you can set permissions to all the stakeholders with the right access level.
  • Gets your junior designers or consultants onboarded quickly with providing the right access level to information and modelled content.

Module Configuration Using Rules and Logic

Set your manufacturable designs free with rules and logic attached to your content. Allow more flexibility and fidelity while reflecting DfMA Intent.

  • Defines a set of possible variations or options that are available for a part or module.
  • Auditable data in the cloud tracks every part within an assembly or a module and how they're positioned relative to one another.
  • Reduces the quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) burden throughout the life of a project.
  • Configurable content ensures your buildings adhere to your design rules, guidelines or standards.

Web Application for Non-Revit Users

Easy access and management for your entire team from BIM managers to supply chain managers. An easy way to modify or update content directly in the web, no Revit knowledge required.

  • Allows more stakeholders to take part in workflows to support a continuous improvement process.
  • A central location to view your library as it connects across your BIM workload.
  • Supply chain can stay up-to-date based on available products and materials without the need to open Revit.
  • Quickly operate and update content metadata/information across your library.

Use Audit to Ensure Quality and Manufacturability

A Revit model-checker for all your designs. No more missing parts, parts in the wrong location, or simply out of date parts.

  • Your Revit model gets monitored against the source of truth in the cloud to ensure accuracy.
  • Make sure your design teams adhere to DfMA constraints directly from your cloud library.
  • Keep your design intent in sync with fabrication constraints so you spend less time and overhead working to catch errors before they hit the factory floor.
  • Fewer costly mistakes, and less factory downtime.

On-demand Project Bill of Materials (BOM)

An accurate Bill of Materials (BOM) available on-demand any time at any point in the project. Easy BIM to BOM quality assurance.

  • Inserted parts are tracked and counted directly from your model to guarantee accuracy.
  • Easy access to a real-time BOM in the web application that can be exported to .csv and .xls.
  • The model context is accessible via the KitConnect project database and can fetch the entire as-published project model.
  • Easy BOM generation, even in early stages of design promotes better data driven decision making.

Module Level of Detail for Better Performance

View your content the way you want to with support for multiple levels of detail (LODt) in your projects.

  • Retail detailed BOM information, at all levels of detail for fast design iterations without loss of data fidelity.
  • Toggle quickly between a low and high level of detail once you are satisfied with your layout.
  • Gives you tremendous flexibility and speed in Revit.
  • Large files get more performant.

Support, Knowledge Base, and Training Courses

A Learning Management System for you and your team in addition to quarterly software updates.

  • Self-guided learning courses available at your convenience.
  • Monitor your team’s KitConnect learning progress with reports & notifications.
  • A Knowledge Base to answer all your specific questions.
  • Easily submit any specific questions to our support team.

Solved Revit Groups

Empower your Revit workflows by replacing Revit groups with KitConnect workflows. User permission, editing controls, multi-file collaboration, rule sets, and element optioning all easily distributed and controlled with KitConnect.

  • User permissions that support design workflows.
  • Easily clone your content and share across multiple projects.
  • Nested KitConnect elements allowed.
  • Centralizing your shared content without saving a *.rvt file.

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