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Control Access and Permissions

KitConnect Permissions

Account and project administrators can assign one or more project roles to their users to limit or expand access to certain KitConnect functions and feature sets; these roles may vary per project. User roles can define which users have permissions to create, publish and edit KitConnect library content, control access to content from the library, and run configuration rules to design a building.

Manage Content and Libraries

Enable your existing BIM360 project for use with the KitConnect content library. The content library allows your designers to upload and download their models from any Revit document, using version-controlled BIM Docs storage. All inserted models maintain a dynamic connection to their library, so whenever updates to these models are made, internally or externally, they can be pulled into the document at will by designers.

KitConnect content library

Represent Level of Detail 

KitConnect Level of Detail

KitConnect can represent multiple levels of detail (LODt) of the entire project, bounding box, or user-defined selection. Users may choose their level of design or development including pre-design, feasibility study, SD, DD, CE, and more. Regardless of the chosen LODt, KitConnect will report an accurate Bill of Materials (BOM) for each module instance in the Revit file.

Configure Design Options

Leverage presets to quickly iterate design options or to represent alternative configurations of similar design modules. Add configuration rules to constrain the changes users are allowed to make.

Gain Additional Access Online

The Kit Connect web application serves various purposes and seamlessly delivers new features independent of the Revit plugin. Many functions such as editing metadata, lightweight modules edits, or rules creation can be performed in the Web Application allowing non- Revit users to participate in the same data flow as a Revit user with seamless data sharing between the web and BIM

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