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Speed production with design reuse in mind by assembling content into reusable Components.

Product - to - Project

Create structured Components to populate libraries known as Kits to easily distribute standardized content for use in future BIM projects.

Project - to - Product

Feedback loops from structured BIM projects drive product improvements to promote a continuous improvement lifecyle

Structured Data

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Structured Products

Structured Buildings

A cloud-based technology with desktop integration that works directly with Autodesk Revit*

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*Autodesk and Revit are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., in the USA and other countries.

Create | The Solution for Repeated Design Collections, Building Prototypes & Modular Construction

The most powerful way to model modules, prototypes, repeated layouts, sub-assemblies, and kits of parts, in BIM. Components are arranged content (Families, System Families, etc) for stored repeated layouts. KitConnect manages the relationships in the background to make sure your content stays accurate, reusable, and easily handles changes. ​

​KitConnect's Relational Components Database enables:

  • Design relationships, how the parts relate the whole

  • Multi-level nesting

  • Design reuse  

  • Brand and quality consistency

  • Knowledge capture of IP 

  • Design iteration and improvement with Revisions


Curate | Design Relationships and Knowledge on a Project-by-Project Level

Organize your design data with Kits for quick and easy-to-use project consumption. Our database allows a single component to live in many Kits, & a single Kit can be used in many projects. Organize and host as many Component Libraries (Kits) as necessary. Choose which Kit or Kits are available for use in a project or multiple projects. 

  • Develop industry-centric or discipline specific Kits with reusable layouts like apartments, or patient rooms.

  • Ensure brand consistency with owner-specific content.

  • Spend less time hunting for the right design information, with pre-curated content in your projects


Distribute | To Project Implementation Teams. High Reproducibility while maintaining sufficient flexibility

Get design teams onboarded and up and running quickly. Invite the whole team to your KitConnect project where they have access to accurate, and up-to-date information.  KitConnect projects, roles, and permissions offer the ultimate control for the distribution, resulting in less errors and reduced project risk.

  • Reduce mistakes controlling access to approved components.

  • Simplify content selection by limiting content to only what is needed.

  • Protect content from unauthorized editing while still allowing placement.

  • Fast onboarding for new designers


Iterate | Seamless Lifecycle Management for Repeatable Design Collections in your BIM Environment

Iterate naturally and seamlessly over time and clearly communicate the status of new and improved components.​

  • Leverage feedback loops to improve content quality, reliability, and resiliency.

  • Edit existing components without affecting active projects.

  • Easily notify project teams when new Components are available


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organizes your project data in new and better ways

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KitConnect offers distinct benefits to all members of the project team regardless of project type.

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