The Project Frog Story

Transforming the chaos of design and construction

Here at Project Frog we began tackling a daunting issue – the replacement of an aging built infrastructure with sustainable, high energy performance, state-of-the-art buildings, at a lower price point and twice as fast as traditional construction methods.

Our Story started by tackling the individual problems associated with the growth of the built environment. As we solved each, moving on to the next, we scaled from part-level solutions to building-wide, from data point to dataflow, from instance to systems.

Frog has a broad array of experience implementing Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA), through public works (education, governmental departments), corporate build programs (QSRs, retail, commercial), and healthcare.  We still offer a physical building product for purchase, along with a specialty architectural lighting product we designed specifically in-house in order to deliver better outcomes for all spaces:


Extensive experience developing scalable Industrialized Construction solutions through an integrated building systems product and technology approach


KitConnect and ICaaS

KitConnect: Project Frog's answer to developing and managing DfMA content directly in your BIM environment. Built on Autodesk Forge.

ICaaS  : Scalable IC services -- leveraging the efficiencies of prefabrication coupled with program-specific technology solutions.





Marriage of Kit-of-Parts and Technology

We designed a Kit-of-Parts platform for repeatability that allows creation of an infinite variety of buildings. Each component is designed for manufacturing and ease of assembly on site, known as DfMA.

2016, 2015

One Product, Multiple Applications

We created a menu approach to the building system. One building could be used for multiple applications with a myriad of options for customization. 

2014, 2013, 2012

Catalog of Buildings

Built the Golden Gate pavilion for 75th year anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge in 6 months. Expanded our catalog of buildings in the commercial, medical, and education sectors with a standardized set of rules and SKUs.

2011, 2010

Program-specific Kits

We developed a Lego system approach for clients' needs -- a flexible system where clients had the option to use individual pieces, and customize and change the dimensions of the building using the series of product SKUs.

2009, 2008

Simplified Logistics and Reduced SKUs

We developed building components specifically for repeatability and simplified the logistics process.

We built a high-performance classroom in 6 days during Greenbuild International Conference and Expo and designed net-zero energy buildings in different climates and locations with more sustainability features.


Focused on Design and Sustainability

Faced with burgeoning demand, the company was founded in San Francisco with the goal of providing Flexible Responses to On-going Growth. From the very beginning, we knew that the application of technology would streamline design and construction processes and revolutionize the building industry.



Leveraging our years of extensive experience, we are now ready to bring our knowledge and value through our ICaaS   offering to help you maximize your next era building approach.      

Today, we are driving the marriage of Platform + Technology to power innovation and evolution in our industry. Our team of architects, engineers, supply chain managers, and field experts have transformed the chaos of design and construction to a straightforward science. It’s a well-defined, cohesive, and integrated solution managing the platform development, technology integration, and process implementation from end-to-end. 

Gathering rich metadata starts at the concept and flows seamlessly through to the field, making uniform data available to all users and devices at every step in the process. Our data-centric approach allows any user within a system to contribute to the data flow, simultaneously benefiting from live data contribution across the entire network of other users.

ICaaS   is the evolution of our years of experience, a scalable service and products offering tailored for your individual needs.


ICaaS   = Mass Customization at Scale


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