The Project Frog Story

Transforming the Chaos of Design and Construction

The building industry faces a daunting issue: replacing aging built infrastructure with sustainable, high energy performance, state-of-the-art buildings, at a lower price point, and twice as fast as traditional construction methods.


Project Frog worked relentlessly to solve this issue by scaling from part-level to building-wide solutions, moving from data point to data flow, and instance to systems.

Clients in public works, corporate build programs, retail, healthcare, and more discover real value with Project Frog’s extensive experience implementing Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA). Pre-engineered buildings, custom Kit-of-Parts, DfMA technology, and specialty architectural lighting offer an inclusive package that delivers better outcomes for all spaces.

Project Frog aggregates disparate Autodesk® software and services to automate workflows linking design, documentation, manufacturing, and project delivery. Project Frog’s proprietary software, KitConnect, empowers architects to customize site-specific, prefabricated building components using centralized data through web-based integrations with Autodesk® Revit®, Fusion Lifecycle™, and Fusion 360™.

Nicolas Mangon
Vice President
Autodesk AEC Business Strategy and Marketing​

Autodesk’s Forge Fund investment in Project Frog is expected to put into place a more seamless industrialized construction workflow connecting design to fabrication. The building industry is beginning to look a lot more like manufacturing than traditional construction, and this investment offers significant opportunity to improve productivity, resulting in decreased risk and increased profit margins for construction teams and projects.

Simplifying the Path from Design to Fabrication

Project Frog Through The Years

Extensive experience developing scalable and flexible Industrialized Construction solutions through an integrated building systems product and technology approach

Commercial Launch of KitConnect

KitConnect, Project Frog’s DfMA software solution, promotes Building Product Awareness in design by providing a structured exchange environment from "Model to Manufacturing" to drive scalable building solutions.


Celebrating a Milestone

Clients are realizing benefits with more than 100 buildings complete. 


The Marriage of Parts & Technology

The Kit-of-Parts platform encourages repeatability allowing clients to create an infinite variety of buildings. Each component is designed for manufacturing and easy assembly (DfMA) on site.


Commercial Launch of LANTANA

The premium choice in distinctive architectural LED light fixtures, LANTANA luminaires elevate your lighting experience with elegance and offer easy installation and maintenance. Visit LANTANA


One Product, Multiple Applications

Clients can choose from a menu of solutions allowing for one building to be used for multiple applications with a myriad of options for customization.


Expansion and a Celebration

An expanded building catalog offers components designed for commercial, medical, and education sectors with a standardized set of rules and SKUs.


Project Frog built the Golden Gate pavilion in 6 months, to celebrate the 75th year anniversary. 

Flexibility and Customization

A new building-block approach offers clients more flexibility to choose and customize individual pieces and dimensional changes. 


Repeatable, Sustainable, Simplified

Development of repeatable building components and simplified logistics help with the construction of a high-performance classroom in 6 days. Clients have the option for net-zero energy buildings in different climates and locations with more sustainability features. 


The Journey Begins

Project Frog begins the Industrialized Construction journey with the goals of providing Flexible Responses to On-going Growth.




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