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Project Frog

Project Frog Portfolio

Project Frog began with the design and construction of sustainable buildings for education but has since expanded into retail, healthcare, and other commercial industries. 

7 Eleven

Location: Dallas, TX

3,000 square feet


Assembled in 5 days, the main structure is a first of its kind. The column-free space features an 18-foot high ceiling perfect for retail stores of this type nationwide. 

Alta Loma Middle School

Location: South San Francisco, CA

8,640 square feet


Alta Loma middle school features classrooms, an exploratorium, a physical education facility, a computer lab, and a science and art building. 

Audi Racing School

Location: Sonoma, CA

14,000 square feet


Metal, glass, motion, curves, and color!  The sleek and exciting design mirrors the facility's focus on high-performance driving, connecting building and brand with a learning and demonstration environment, media center, café, and lounge overlooking the track at Turn 1 

Big Break Science Center

LEED Certified.jpg

Location: Oakley, CA

5,500 square feet


The Big Break Science Center combines recreation, restoration, and environmental education, including a lab and interactive exhibits.


Location: Varies

Project Frog's Fit building program was the ideal solution to maintain branding while leveraging the speed of industrialized construction. 

Crissy Fields

LEED Platinum.jpg

Location: San Francisco, CA

7,500 square feet


Includes classrooms (environmental education for youth), a science lab, an art room, administrative space as well as the Beach Hut cafe.

California Construction's Best of 2010: Green Building Award (Northern California) 

National Park Service Environmental Achievement Award  2011 "Building the Future"

Dow Ag Center.jpg

Dow R&D Facility

LEED Silver.jpg

Location: Kauai, HI

6,100 square feet


The farm buildings consist of equipment storage, a maintenance shop, a work area and include a lunchroom, a conference room, locker room facilities with showers.

El Sol Science and Art Academy

Location: Santa Ana, CA

19,000 square feet


Includes 12 new classrooms and a Wellness Center serving students, families, and community members.

Fremont Health Clinic

Location: South Los Angeles, CA

2,500 square feet


Clinic provides free or reduced-rate medical, behavioral and dental services to the students, staff and community members with a total of five exam rooms and two counseling rooms

The Sustainable Food Project will generate sustainable job opportunities for small scale farming businesses that will provide healthy food for the students and community.

Frog Zero USGBC

Carbon Neutral.jpg

Location: Boston, MA

1,200 square feet


“Frog Zero” building was assembled by 10 men in 6 days for the U.S. Green Building Council.

Constructed of renewable or recyclable materials


Has capacity to return five times its energy use through active solar power generation.

GE John F. Welch Leadership Center

LEED Gold.jpg

Location: Crotonville, NY

4,000 square feet

Corporate Learning Center for the company’s 10,000 leaders who visit to the campus each year, the new facility showcases the world’s best-in-class, energy efficient building products, systems and technologies.


Installation was complete in under 4 months.

Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion

Location: San Francisco, CA

14,000 square feet


In celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge 75th anniversary.

The pavilion offers a look at the bridge’s history, providing tours, brochures, and exhibits both inside and outside. Complete LED lighting throughout. An exceptional example of the aesthetic quality and superior flexibility of the Project Frog Flex building program.

Awarded Engineering News Records Best of 2012- Small Projects Category

Hunter's Point Community

LEED Gold.jpg

Location: San Francisco, CA

5,000 square feet


Roof of the new community center features Bosch Solar Energy Thin Film module. The heating, lighting and cooling combined will beat Title 24 requirements by 54%. Space for public meetings and events, as well as arts and arts education, job training, and recreation

Ilima High School

Location: O'ahu, HI

1,200 square feet


Partnered with the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute for this test building. The volcanic mountains and movement of the trade winds around the islands help create many different climatic zones making the islands an ideal location for Frog to test and optimize for climate variation. Therefore, Project Frog is working closely with Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) to deploy a series of buildings for research of energy efficiency and sustainability of Frog structures.

Jacoby Creek School

Location: Bayside, CA

3,500 square feet


Traditional construction in this isolated community in rural Northern California would have taken too long and been cost-prohibitive

Kaiser Permanente MOB 

Location: Kona, HI

40,000 square feet


The Kaiser Permanente Medical Office Building leverages sustainable and efficient design for 40% to 50% less energy use than traditional buildings.

Kaiser Permanente MOB

LEED Gold.jpg

Location: Victorville, CA

8,725 square feet


Key features aimed at enhancing the patient/visitor/user experience include: double-height entry, improved thermal comfort, high indoor air quality, premium acoustics, and abundant daylight with views to the outdoors.  

Kawakini New Century

Location: Kauai, HI

2,400 square feet


Sustainable materials include low VOC paint, cool roof, low-e glazing and durable FSC certified wood siding.


Floors, walls and roofs with high R values, under floor air distribution, operable windows, louvers and roof exhaust fans to allow for natural cooling and ventilation.

Lincoln Elementary School

Location: Redondo Beach, CA

5,000 square feet


Made from predominately recycled materials this school consists of four early childhood classrooms that were constructed in less than six months.


Equipped with occupancy and daylight sensors and a cool roof, raised plenum access floor system with low volatile organic compound carpet tiles, excellent acoustical properties.

Monte Verde Elementary

Location: San Bruno, CA

8,640 square feet


Includes classrooms, science/art flex labs coined ‘Exploratoriums’ and media center and library building.

Skyline Elementary School

Location: San Francisco, CA

7,200 square feet


Kindergarten classroom building, general classrooms, an Exploratorium and a library / media center.

Vaughn Next Century Learning Center 

Location: San Fernando, CA

3,000 square feet


This learning center runs a sustainability program from two Frog Classrooms to aptly prepare students from adverse backgrounds for a future in California green jobs.


Location: Varies

Project Frog's Fit building program was the ideal solution to maintain branding while leveraging the speed of industrialized construction. Compared to traditional construction the building was assembled 3x faster.  

Watkinson School Solarium Center

Carbon Neutral.jpg

Location: Hartford, CT

3,500 square feet


Watkinson school solarium center for science and global citizenship. Solar panels, no/low VOC-emitting interiors, high-recycled content building materials are helping Watkinson achieve energy neutrality and use 60% less energy than neighboring New England schools

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