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Case Study - KitConnect Reduced Data Center Design Times by 40 Percent


Project Frog, a product and technology company, delivers the platform, software and integration tools needed by the Industrialized Construction (IC) industry, to drive mass customization at scale. The company’s solutions automate design and configuration, manufacturing interfaces, and other redundant processes in the AEC world. Project Frog specializes in prefab data center Kits-of-Parts, comprised of both volumetric/modular units and flat pack components. It’s Kit-of-Parts is a repository of reusable components that can be mixed and matched to create an almost endless array of building types and design options. Project Frog’s data center kit includes the building core and shell, along with hot and cold containment infrastructure, that can be adapted for a variety of loads or megawatt capacities.

The Challenge

In designing and building customer data center projects, Project Frog faced two major hurdles that affected workflow and increased the time required to design each project.

The first challenge was that Revit models for data centers are massive in file size due to a very high level of detail, making both models and content difficult to work with. Those same models made it difficult for teams to run multiple scenarios to identify the best design options.

At the same time, the amount of time required during the quality assurance process was staggering. In order to ensure the right modules were placed in the right locations, the team needed to utilize the array function in Revit to duplicate the components, which is a time consuming and manual process. Without an efficient way to duplicate the content or ensure that the latest module is being used in the correct location, the quality assurance phase was complex and added a lot of overhead.

The Solution

Project Frog’s own KitConnect became the clear choice for managing component libraries (primarily Revit families of prefabricated elements) in the cloud. The solution enables users to manage reusable and predictable component libraries, or Kit-of-Parts. KitConnect allowed Project Frog to manage workflows and create a Kit-of-Parts that can be used anywhere, offering a more efficient approach by reusing the same core design and components for projects spread across the country. This powerful solution manages the company's Kit-of-Parts that can be used to start new designs, and monitors design changes across the lifecycle of multiple projects. KitConnect ensured the company’s design teams are always using the most current parts in their projects. With the enhanced workflow of KitConnect, teams can also test large numbers of design iterations to ensure the best option is selected.

Additionally, KitConnect uses Project Frog’s library of elements to facilitate quick layouts of potential data center building sizes and shapes, allowing a very detailed Bill of Materials (BOM) to be developed very early in the design stage. Because BOMs for data centers are extensive and complex, the ability to create an accurate BOM from the Revit model quickly, allows for rough cost estimates at an early stage in the design without the risk or associated costs – a valuable competitive advantage.

Project Frog’s KitConnect delivers a data-rich Kit-of-Parts enabling solid, data driven insights early in the design phase.


  • Reusable KitConnect content library with all needed prefabricated elements

  • Versioning feature in KitConnect prevents usage of out-of-date designs in projects

  • Reusable components from past projects reduce repetitive modeling and detailing

  • A quick, reliable BOM for each scenario

  • Swift configuration of large and repeating prefab components for massive data center buildings

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