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How Scalability Separates Industrialized Construction from Prefabrication

Mike Eggers, VP of Product and Innovation has prepared a great presentation on Project Frog's focus on scalability and how scalability separates Industrialized Construction from prefabrication. He also talks about some of the core concepts that were introduced in our latest product KitConnect, an end-to-end data flow solution built on Autodesk’s Forge platform. KitConnect is an integrated Revit to web application that manages your configurable, modular Kit-of-Parts content. #KitConnect

This presentation was broadcast during the Transforming Construction Network Plus (N+) conference on September 19. The N+ unites construction’s academic and industrial communities to create a new research and knowledge base, dedicated to addressing the systemic problems holding back the sector. The N+ is funded by UK Research and Innovation, an investment supported by the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

Check out the video for an overview of Project Frog's journey and how KitConnect is addressing three core concepts to scale your DfMA workflows across all AEC stakeholders.

Mike Eggers, VP, Product & Innovation

Mike is a licensed architect in the state of California with over 15 years of experience with highly detailed and complex construction projects. His expertise in program management and product development, along with deploying integrated hardware, software and operations solutions at scale. Mike has a passion for solving architectural problems with an emphasis on scalability and repeatability of design. Follow Mike on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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