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Project Frog Amongst the Top 10 Building Automation Solution Providers of 2019

Project Frog Revolutionizing the Building Industry with ICaaS

In an interview with CEO of Project Frog, Drew A Buechley, featured in Construction Tech Review Magazine, he discusses how Project Frog has pioneered an integrated solution to automate and simplify the entire building process, from design to manufacturing. The company’s customized and scalable technological infrastructure for IC leverages the efficiencies of prefabrication with program-specific technology solutions. #IndustrializedConstruction #ICaaS

He also explains how “companies lack the ability to connect workflows and siloed data in a useful, meaningful manner. Growing investments in construction projects in a bid to improve productivity is only adding complexity as firms are now managing more components now than ever. Given its project orientation, the industry suffers where ad hoc teams of architects, engineers, manufacturers, contractors, builders and consultants rarely repeat across multiple projects. Additionally, connecting and co-relating workflow data from cross-functional teams, offices located across the globe, and construction sites in multiple locations is a daunting task." Read the full article here.

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