Process Implementation

A comprehensive solution for adapting to IC

One of the persistent barriers to IC is individual adoption. Frequently this is not a resistance to change, but an inability to communicate innovation.

That is why Process Implementation is a core piece of our ICaaS solution. Process Implementation is the perfect recipe of onboarding and effective change management. This educational process mentors and assists all stakeholders such as architects, engineers, builders, and construction managers.

  • Internal

  • External

  • Re-Engineering
    & Re-Evaluation
    of Old Designs

  • Training &

  • Support

What does Process Implementation mean to you

Your company has successfully identified and developed tools to deploy an IC solution, now what? Process Implementation creates a smooth positive shift in the workflow culture of the company. Our hands-on step-by-step approach enables you to unlock and fully deploy the new tools and technology, removing adoption lag time and unproductive cycles.

Reduced to its most basic module, Process Implementation is a comprehensive solution developed to clearly communicate the options to all stakeholders when adopting new technology. Applying IC principles and tools will affect all stakeholders. This service smoothly prepares you for these new workflow adjustments, including:

Owners & Developers

Impact to decision-making timeline

• Never needing to start with a blank page
 Adjustments to definition and vocabulary of cost
• Streamlined bid process
 Incorporating effects of prefabrication into critical path schedule

Architects & Engineers

 Design for DfMA and on-site assembly
 Liberate design through application of rules-based tools
• Design with an awareness of logistics, supply chain, procurement period and their impact on the project cost and duration
 Emphasis on resolving design and system conflicts early, well before finalizing construction documents 


• Costing a BOM vs. estimation from drawings 
• Sourcing complex components from a supply chain vs. procuring raw materials
 Working in a different way with trades due to certain shifts from the field to manufactured components
 Understanding that logistics is the key to success in the field
 Early engagement with the design team enables a clear and easily approachable bid

Through our concept-to-ribbon cutting point of view toward design implementation and construction, Process Implementation is the successful proactive coordination to shift your efforts and achieve your goal.


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