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The core element of the ICaaS    solution


Work with our Software Team to build integrated technology to scale your IC needs

We have spent years developing our own tools and solutions to enable the IC industry. With our blend of experience and deep knowledge of IC, as well as witnessing supposed golden solutions stumble and fall, we know where the pain points are – where the solution crumbles. Leveraging that experience is what makes us different. We act as the scalable IC Sherpa, guiding a solution from concept all the way through completion.

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Our software development is the core element of the ICaaS   solution. Our core Frog cloud platform enables us to build endless design variations, and fast. These tools assist you in maintaining consistent design control and enable a rapid design-to-construction process. They create the optimal workflow for all stakeholders, delivering swift cost analysis. The final design product and documentation are PLM and DfMA ready. A full set of structural calculations for permitting, fabrication level-of-detail, and a full bill of materials (BOM) are generated directly from the design.


What you need for a SCALABLE technology platform in IC

    is required to deliver mass-customized buildings at scale​


    must be adopted to enable
    proprietary prefab systems to plug
    into a standard automation platform 


    built on a common platform are 
    necessary to optimize data-exchange across disparate stakeholders

Project Frog's answer to developing and managing DfMA content directly in your BIM environment. Built on Autodesk Forge.
KitConnect addresses three core pillars of a SCALABLE DfMA workflow

Why KitConnect?

  • Connect Design to Manufacturing

  • Connect BIM to the Cloud

  • Connect Revit to the web

  • Connect your teams to your data

  • Connect your BIM to your BOM

  • Connect Design Content to Design Logic

Connect your teams with Cloud Applications built on Forge –

Plugging into Forge Data Platform overcomes the data management limitations of desktop-only BIM, allowing changes between the enterprise and project libraries to be accessible live, automatically tracked, version-controlled, and gated from one another.

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