What is Industrialized Construction?

Industrialized Construction Defined

Industrialized Construction borrows from the same principles as Industrial Engineering and applies them to the construction process.  

Industrialized Construction (IC) leverages efficiencies in offsite fabrication, rigorous processes, and technology integration to revolutionize the construction industry. The right application of Industrial Construction unlocks mass customization at any scale while providing the ultimate flexibility. Industrialized Construction can cut build schedules in half, automated key parts of the process, and drastically improve schedule and quality control when ad-hoc site conditions are removed.


ICaaS  = Industrialized Construction as a Service

Progressive owners, corporate developers, and construction professionals break from traditional construction constraints with Industrialized Construction as a Service (ICaaS). Eliminate the factors that delay traditional building projects like weather, poor scheduling, and lack of skilled labor.

ICaaS combines technology, manufacturing, and automation to offer you more control and predictability over your project schedule and budget from design to occupancy.

Speed to Market

Open your Building 50% Faster


Faster to open


Less in first costs


Of traditional time on site


Less Framing and Glazing Labor


Less in general conditions


Less trucks to site

Getting Started with Industrialized Construction

Move past the most common hurdle of adopting Industrial Construction; knowing where to start. Project Frog offers several pathways to begin your journey and will assist you during every step from design through construction, and finally occupancy. 

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