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Modern Architecture

Industrialized Construction Solutions Acquires
Project Frog Building Solutions

If you're tired of project delays and cost overruns,
you're in the right place!

Industrialized Construction:

​A Modern Construction Approach for Better Building Outcomes

Reap the benefits of an optimized process from design to occupancy. This modern approach to building construction addresses common challenges and results in faster-built, better-quality buildings. 

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Componentized buildings designed and engineered for offsite construction.

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Qualified Architects & Engineers for site adaptation, coordination, and project delivery.

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Streamlined, optimized logistics for on-time delivery of components.

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Fabricated in a controlled environment, optimized for building manufacturing. 

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Rapid and simple on-site installation with smaller crews.

Industrialized Construction helps building owners and developers
  • scale growth initiatives

  • shorten construction schedules 

  • alleviate project delays

  • increase expansion efforts 

  • reduce ownership and lifecycle costs from higher-quality buildings and enhanced building components

  • benefit from early occupancy

Project Frog

Fifteen years ago, Project Frog set out to address the challenges with traditional construction and find the solution to replacing aging infrastructure with sustainable, high-performing buildings faster while overcoming labor shortages and supply chain disruptions.


Passion, innovation, and drive are the best traits to describe the collection of professionals at Project Frog dedicated to optimizing the building industry. 

Industry-Centric Building Solutions

90% of firms using prefabrication report improved productivity, quality, and increased schedule certainty compared to traditional stick-built construction.

SmartMarket Report 2020


Light Gauge Steel Metal Prefabricated Building
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Prefabricated wood and metal building solutions for Retail, Healthcare, Education, Data Centers, and more.

“Project Frog brings a proactive approach to each project meeting which pays dividends to our bottom line and with client satisfaction.”​

Dan Oliver, CFO Rodan Builders​

Project Frog Software Development
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Industrialize BIM and accelerate design for manufacturing and assembly.

"KitConnect is exactly what we have been waiting for to effectively design and produce industrialized information in BIM" 

Bridget White, Sr. Architect/BIM Director

Nordic Office of Architecture 

Open Bay Work Area in Prefab School
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Optimizing the built environment with technologically-advanced component buildings.

Learn how to get started with Industrialized Construction and discover which path is the right one for you. 

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