FROG = Flexible Response to Ongoing Growth

Fifteen years ago, Project Frog set out to solve two of the most critical and foundational constraints of building projects; scale and flexibility. These constraints limit the realization of end project value and stifle adoption of more successful delivery alternatives, such as Industrialized Construction.

Industrialized Construction (IC) leverages efficiencies in offsite fabrication, rigorous processes, and technology integration to revolutionize the construction industry. The right application of IC unlocks mass customization at any scale.

Partnering with the pioneers of prefabricated delivery solutions with more than a decade of experience gives you access to a network of active industry professionals who can help you understand and simplify your IC process.

From design to permitting, manufacturing, assembly, and construction, you gain the appropriate knowledge and support through every step of the rapidly changing market to ensure your business stays relevant while reaping the rewards of industrialized construction like:

Faster Occupancy | Reduced Costs | Predictable Schedules | Consistent Quality

Project Frog

Developing Scalable Industrialized Construction Solutions with an Integrated Building System Product and Technology Approach

Featured IC Projects

Seamless Workflows, Products, and Services Offer


Adaptability in both typology and execution


The product of Time x Quantity


Reduce waste and carbon, avoid rework and improve continuously


Design Options


Reduced Site Waste


Faster Than Traditional Stick Build


Less Framing and Glazing Labor


Less On-site Construction Time


Reduction in Loopbacks


Faster Design Process


Fewer Trucks to Site


IC Building Solutions

Scalable | Flexible| Automated | Easy to Use | National Distribution

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IC Technology Solution

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KitConnect is a purpose-built desktop and web solution that promotes Building Product Awareness in design by providing a structured exchange environment from "Model to Manufacturing" to drive scalable building solutions. 

Industrialized Construction Services

Innovation | Strategy Process Implementation | Integration