A World-Class Team

We are pioneering, innovative IC experts

Project Frog’s deep history is underpinned by a world-class unique team with expertise spanning a wide range of strategy, AEC, and technology sectors.

Our own journey was the catalyst to engineer and integrate a scalable solution for ourselves and our clients.

Our team is the driving force behind our ICaaS solution. Our exceptional combination of skills, assembled specifically for physical building, mechanical, and technology integration are the success factors that resulted in our extensive institutional knowledge of how to deliver IC solutions at scale. Sharing our knowledge and developing the best fitting tools for you is our every day’s motivation.

Sam Rabinowitz

VP, Strategy & Administration and General Manager of Lantana


Olivia Bain

Project manager

Apurv Bhavsar

Full Stack Developer

Matthew Comber

Director of Structural Engineering

Jennifer Graham

Supply Chain Manager

Leon Lai

Supply Chain Manager

Sudhakar Manjunath R

Project Manager

Henry Pinney

Principal Software Engineer

Keiron Ryan

Special Assistant 

Kelly Wilson

Engineering Manager

James Bentley

Lead Mechanical Design Engineer

Johnny Buccola

Product Manager

Steve DeWitt

Technical Sales

John Jackson

Director of Architecture

Jang Hyung Lee

Project Manager

Fernando Mazzuca


Nikita Purohit

Project Designer

Diane Shortz

HR & Accounting Manager

Evan Berger

Manager of Building Platform
Strategic Partnerships

Benson Chunpang Chen

Project Manager

Aynaz Eliason-Carey

Marketing Analyst

Qiu Jin

Graphic Designer

Wen Lin

Sr. Software Engineer

Mike Norris

Project Manager

Clay Rasor

Structural Engineer

Brad Taris

Project Manager

Meet our Morale Experts


Outdoor Operations Manager


Security Manager

Cookie Monster

Data Security Officer


Entertainment Wrangler

Other Divisions

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