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Fit Building Program

Your Building, Your Brand

The fit building program offers a proprietary approach to industrialized construction. Ideal for retail and quick-service restaurants, Project Frog's architecture and engineering team works with you to develop a predictable and repeatable building program that captures the speed of offsite construction while ensuring brand compliance.

Guarantee the success of your building program through Project Frog's three-tiered approach including the scope, network, and platform.


1. The Scope: Your Foundation for Success

Beginning with your preferred delivery method, Project Frog partners with you to determine objectives, timelines, and initiates risk mitigation strategies. 

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Delivery Methods

Design-Build, Owner's Rep, Lease-Leaseback, and more.



Project Goals, Expansion Plans, Type and Number of Buildings



Determine Optimal Timeline and Project Schedule

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Risk Mitigation

Understand and Initiate Risk Mitigation Strategies

2. The Network: Your Extensive Access to Dedicated Partners

Next, Project Frog's extensive network of suppliers, manufacturers, and contractors helps you overcome two of the biggest construction disruptors; supply chain and labor. 



Optimized Production Facilities Throughout the US


Material Suppliers

Regionally Sourced. Preferred Pricing and Availability 



Construction Crews Experienced in Offsite Installation



Reduced Fuel Costs and Emissions

3. The Platform: Your Predictable and Repeatable Outcome

Finally, leverage a repeatable and predictable platform of building components to expand your growth potential while providing a better quality environment and experience for your customers. 



Designed and Validated for Manufacturing and Assembly.



Configure Building Product to Project Requirements



Source Material & Fabricate Building Components



Transport and Supervise Installation

Fit for Retail


Distinguish the Customer Experience

Today's consumer wants more from a product – a brand that stands for something better, something transformative. Express the spirit of your business with bright, inviting spaces while gaining flexibility for customization and a branded experience. Achieve LEED standards out of the box and enjoy abundant daylighting that encourages higher sales volumes. Eliminate disruption to the local community with less site traffic and reduced on-site construction waste.

Scale Expansion

As your business grows, so can your footprint; the repeatability of the Fit Building Program lets you easily expand and adapt to your changing customer and operational needs.

Elevate Brand

Build visually inspiring, energy-efficient structures while reducing project delays and cost overruns. Leverage flexible design and custom finishes achieving an unforgettable branded look and feel.

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