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Prefab Building Programs

Get started with Industrialized Construction

Whether you're looking to expand your retail footprint or open a school before classes begin, the first step to success relies on finding the right prefab building program that aligns with your goals.

Your building program is an all-inclusive approach to take you from initial design to final occupancy.

Which prefab building program is right for you?

For owners with existing brand standards who wish to expand their operations.

A consistent, repeatable building component platform designed and engineered for fabrication and onsite assembly.

Ideal for retail and quick-service restaurants.

For owners seeking flexible design options and faster construction.

Pre-designed and engineered building components, prefabricated and assembled on site.

Ideal for schools, healthcare, commercial office, and public works.

What's included in your building program?


Design & engineer

Begin design assist

Establish design fees

Structural VE analysis

Bill of materials & specs

Model design

Clash Detection


Establish GMP

SEoR/AE site adaptation

BIM & AHJ coordination

Create installation guide

Verification & approval

Identify site logistics

Complete delivery logistics

Develop shop drawings


Provide QC guide

Allocate manufacturer

Finalize documentation

Source materials


Allocate & coordinate GC

Jobsite product inspection

Oversee installation process

Project Frog
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