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Prefabricated Buildings

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Technologically advanced, prefabricated, component buildings that assemble onsite, giving you flexibility and a fast, cost-effective way to create beautiful, durable, energy-efficient environments.

Building Components and Features

Glulam Beams + Columns​

Caps, Bases, Hardware​

Insulated Metal Panel Roof ​

Fascia + Gutters​​

Acoustic Ceiling Deck​

Structural Wall Panels​

Lutron Daylight Harvest​

Stairs, Railings + Guards ​


Aluminum Windows​

Aluminum Storefront​

Motorized Shades​

Entrance Canopies​

Toilet Pods​

Interior LED Light Fixtures​

Balcony Deck +  Canopy​

“A lot of prefab is just plain boxes. Project Frog buildings have a lot of architectural interest. With these buildings, you get a lot for your investment.“​

Jeff Lovitt, Rodan Builders​

Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Designed to reduce overall cost and expedite build cycles, the new light-gauge steel structure still allows for architectural design freedom. The non-combustible building can be deployed throughout multiple industries as classrooms, laboratories or kitchens, or used in regions impacted by wildfires.

Project Frog's Prefabricated Metal Buildings are Pre-Check Certified.

Did you know?

  • The superior strength-to-weight ratio of light-gauge steel allows for excellent structural resistance against earthquakes, heavy snow, and high winds.

  • When struck by lightning, steel is safer than wood because it poses no resistance to current. Properly grounded metal buildings allow the electrical discharge to move through the metal framing into the ground safely.

  • Light-gauge steel buildings are a class 3: non-combustible building. Light-gauge steel prefabricated structures offer resistance to fire damage and may qualify for up to 30% in insurance savings over wood or masonry.

  • Light-gauge steel is an inorganic material it won't rot, shrink, warp, or decompose like wood and offers more protection from damaging mold, mildew, and common pests.

  • Light-gauge steel offers sustainability benefits as the steel industry boasts the highest recycling rate globally at 66%. Most steel contains approximately 25% of recycled material.

Building Innovation


Accommodate a range of mechanical systems with enhanced filtration, continuous ventilation, and operable windows to ensure clean air and natural ventilation.


Mitigate sound intrusion with insulated roof and wall panels. Eliminate the need for drop ceilings with an acoustic ceiling deck offering a high-noise reduction coefficient.


Harvest daylight with extensive glazing and photosensitive LED fixtures to ensure the optimal balance of natural and artificial light throughout the day while saving costs and energy.

Energy Efficiency

Achieve up to Net Zero Energy depending on your site and preferences by taking advantage of the high-performance building envelope and daylight harvesting.

Project Frog buildings are engineered to perform, learn more about building innovation and enhancements. 

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