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Designed to achieve your IC goals

As pioneers of prefabricated delivery solutions, we have been at the forefront of the industry, iterating with hundreds of architects, engineers, manufacturers, contractors, builders, and consultants to push IC ever forward.

We are constantly educating and mentoring companies and stakeholders on how to work with progressive Kit-of-Parts systems and the evolving process from design to permitting, manufacturing, assembly, and construction. Because of our horizontally distributed business model and extensive expertise we can work with any company in any step of their IC journey to future-proof them in the rapidly changing market in order to remain relevant and participate in the IC revolution.

ICaaS   is for everyone. Whether you are a company that needs a scalable IC program, or a builder faced with unmeetable demand and contracting labor, or a fellow IC innovator who needs to unlock scalability, ICaaS   is for you. Our solutions are also for progressive owners or corporate developers who are interested in better insulating their core strategy from a dependence on traditional construction and its limitations of process, cost, time and scalability.



We believe that a flexible Kit-of-Parts is the first pillar in reaching scalability and mass customization

Market demands, site conditions, and programmatic needs call for flexibility and data-centric technology solutions married at its core with a Kit-of-Parts in order to deliver mass customization at scale. ICaaS   provides that nexus of a Kit-of-Parts platform connected to the right technology and process to unlock your tailored solutions.





A repeatable building platform for developing, iterating, and refining reusable components.

Software Development,
& Integration

End-to-end software solutions streamlined with an optimal workflow to maintain consistent design control and deliver uniform results.

Process Implementation

The perfect recipe of on-boarding and change management for all stakeholders.

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